James L. Haner is the head of James Haner Limited (JHL), specializing in “Building Better Businesses.” JHL has offices in the U.S.and U.K. and is an independent firm offering business consulting and project management services to Fortune 500 companies in the U.S, Europe, Africa, and China. James has more than 30 years of experience in business and IT. His responsibilities have included establishing a corporate Web presence for a Fortune 500 company, creating a successful organization-wide employee development plan, and developing the IT infrastructure for a start-up company in both project management and leadership roles. He earned an MA degree in Management from the Claremont Graduate School and took classes with Peter F. Drucker, “the father of modern management.” He completed his PhD work at the University of Idaho and Corillins University. James is also an instructor, author of three courses and technical editor for two more. 
He is a contributing author of four books: "Making Sense of Sustainability Project Management," 140 Project Management Tips in 140 Words or Less," "Program Management: A Life Cycle Approach," and "1,000 Questions and Answers for the PMP Exam, 5th edition."